International Middle Age event at the castle Ortenburg near Spittal / Drau (A) in co-operation with the society Condottieri Mauriziani. For further information visit the website


Society Condottieri Mauriziani

Obmann: Andreas Amlacher

Supporting the projects "The Romans and Celts in the South of Austria". Film- und multimediaproject of the German company Boundary Productions.

Erik Dobat


"Art meets Archaeology" - international art project with focus on Italy and Austria

Sandra Walkshofer

Tel.: +43-4244-27193

Filmproduction about the history and culture of the valley of the Gail (Austria) with international dimensions.

Petra Lipautz

Tel.: +43-1-4893765

Mobil: 0650-3100572

Comedy programme:

"Europe before and nowadays"

Anmeldung für Kabarettisten:

"Art meets history" - Art exhibition

Infos und Anmeldungen für Künstler:


"Stories of Europe"

Book and poem readings
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